Substance Abuse Prevention

Our prevention services are specially focused on substance abuse prevention.  Promoting substance abuse prevention is a necessary task.  As a society who so commonly incorporates substance use into every celebration, we have become blind to substance abuse.

The impact of substance use alone is estimated to cost Americans more than $600 billion each year.  Rize is dedicated to providing services that assists individuals in gaining the skills necessary to avoid substance abuse problems.

Services We Provide

We provide prevention education programs for youth, adults and parents.  Our programs are fully customizable and typically range from 6-8 weeks. Prevention education programs focus on building the life skills necessary to prevent substance abuse problems.

  • For youth, this means focusing on decision-making skills, setting goals.
  • For adults, this means focusing on understanding what is means to "drink responsibly.
  • For parents, this means discovering the strategies for improving parent-child communication and learning the signs of when a child is using.