Why Focus on Prevention?

Addiction is a ubiquitous, yet preventable disease.  There probably isn’t one person who doesn’t know somebody who is suffering from the disease of addiction.  Focusing on substance abuse, allows us to address problems before the point of addiction.  As a society who so commonly incorporates substance use into every celebration, we have become blind to substance abuse.  Yet we shun those who move through substance abuse into addiction.  It’s time we re-evaluate our relationship with substances and begin to teach responsible use and not just as a cliché term. 


Think about it…how many times have you heard "drink responsibly"?  What does that even mean?  It’s no wonder some folks while drinking “responsibly” find themselves eventually battling addiction.  When we focus on substance abuse prevention, we can actually arm ourselves and those we love with the knowledge and skills to prevent addiction, along with the myriad of problems associated with it.